Candace Kane's Candy Factory

Candace Kane's Candy Factory

Be the best worker and make the best candy factory

This game is a great fun and entertainment challenge making the best candy factory in the countryside Syrupton. The main objective of this game is to match each order of your costumers. Your costumer will appear showing up what they need, you must serve them matching the candies that they want completing their order. You must swap the candies in order to form groups of identical candies of the order of your costumers. You will have different costumers with different characteristics and needs, like old granny that is patient and good, kids are not patient and they will get upset if you don't serve them and complete their order fast. This game allows you to play, to set options like music, volume effects and full screen, you can check credits, tutorial and quit the game.
In order to play and move all you need is your mouse, move your mouse over your objective and press left mouse button to select your option and swap the candies.
This game is very simple but full of fun and challenge. The game has different levels where you must complete a certain task of number of candies and costumers to reach new levels. Each level will increase the challenge and speed.

Birgilio Rivera
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